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What's involved?

Taking part will involve speaking on the phone with a researcher for around 45 minutes.

The interview can be arranged at time that is convenient for you – we can conduct interviews in the early morning or the evening.


Map Of The UK Why have I been chosen?

We are conducting this research in five case study areas, and you have been chosen because you are a childcare provider in one of these areas.


Smiley ManArranging the interview

We will contact you either via phone or email to provide you with more detail about the research and interview, and to identify whether you are interested in participating in the study.

If you are agree to participate in the study a researcher will arrange a convenient time to conduct the interview.


Speech Bubble The interview

During the interview we will ask you about:

  • Whether or not you offer any free early education entitlements and reasons for this
  • The effects of free early education entitlements on your setting
  • Views on support available to providers who are offering, or thinking of offering, the free entitlements
  • What actions you think need to be taken to increase take-up of free early education entitlements

With your permission, we would like to audio record your answers so nothing you say is forgotten. You can ask us to write notes instead. These will be kept securely by us, and only the NatCen team will have access.


Speech Bubble Question Mark Do I need to prepare?

If you agree to take part in an interview, we will send you a short list of the topics we would like to discuss. If you have time, it would be helpful if you could reflect on these in advance of the interview. However, if you are short of time, there is no need to prepare anything for the discussion.

There are no right or wrong answers and the interview is primarily an opportunity to share your experiences and opinions.