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My child has been asked to fill in a questionnaire

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Question MarkWhy has my child been asked to fill in a questionnaire?

The best way to find out how children are doing and what support they might need in their local area is to ask them themselves. We're inviting children in years P5 to P7 and S1 to S4 in Moray, South Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway to fill in a short online questionnaire during school time. 

The letter that your child has given you contains a slip that you can return to the school within 15 working days for primary school pupils and 10 working days for secondary school pupils if you'd rather your child did not take part.  

Speech Bubble What questions will you ask? 

The questions we will ask your child have been developed by our team of trained and experienced researchers and have been ethically approved as suitable for children their age.

We ask questions like 'How much do you worry about not doing well at school?', 'How many close friends would you say you have?' or 'How often do other pupils misbehave or cause trouble in your lessons?.' 

Clock When will my child fill in the questionnaire?

If your child is at secondary school they will complete the questionnaire between 21th January 2019 and 29th March 2019. If your child is at primary school survey they will take part sometime from 28th January to 5th April 2019.

When your child comes to fill in the questionnaire your school will explain that they don't have to take part if they decide they don't want to or they can skip any questions if they don’t want to answer them.

TickboxMaking sure your child's participation really counts  

In the letter we sent you we explained that if you agree to your child taking part then we will link their answers to existing data held by your local authority. This might be data on whether your child receives free school meals or not or whether you already use children's services. Linking this data will help us to find out if services are meeting the needs of children and families.

All the information and data will be kept safe and confidential and will remain anonymous.