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National Values Study

The National Values Study is one of the largest and most respected social science studies in the world. Every nine years, since 1981, people like you from across England, Scotland and Wales have shared their values and beliefs with us.

The National Values Study is associated with the World and European Values Studies. This means we are able to compare the views of people living in Britain with other countries around the world.


Why take part?

Since 1981, the National Values Study has been tracking the attitudes, beliefs and values of people living in Britain. People in other countries also take part, so we can see how views vary across the world. We'd like you to help us understand how things have changed since we last collected this data in 2008.


What will I receive for taking part?

To say 'thank you' for taking part, we send a £10 voucher to everyone who's invited to participate. This can be exchanged for cash at any branch of the Post Office.


What’s involved?

We'd like to select one person from your address to take part in a research interview for the National Values Study. This will take less than an hour.


What will you ask me about?

We'd like to hear your views and opinions on a range of important topics. Do you trust the Government and other institutions, like the police? What values are important to you? Do you think that immigration is good or bad for the country?

We'll also ask about your general health and wellbeing, as well as your family and household circumstances.

It’s important that you share your frank opinions on these topics.


Do I have to answer all the questions?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to. Just let us know, and we'll skip on to the next one.


How will you deal with my personal information?

We will treat the information you give us in the strictest confidence under the Data Protection Act 1998. You can find out more about our credentials and who we are here, and how we protect your personal information here.


Why have I been selected to take part?

We’ve chosen your address at random to make sure we get a truly representative picture of everyone in Britain. Your address can’t be replaced by anyone else, as this would bias the results.


Where can I find out more?

For anything not covered on here, please call 0800 652 0201 or email One of our staff will get back to you to answer your query as soon as possible.