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Why take part?

Tea at work

This is why we're unlike any other research you may have been asked to take part in. We hope you will take the time to answer our questions.


Piggy bank

Not-for-profit. This panel will only be used to carry out research on behalf of non-profit organisations like government departments, charities, local authorities and universities. We will never ask you to take part in market research. 

Thumbs Up

Help us help others. By answering our questions you could make a difference in the real world. Government departments, charities and other policy groups will use the information you provide to make sure they make the right decisions. 


You. Everyone we have invited to take part has been carefully selected to provide a truly representative picture of people living in England, Scotland and Wales. We want to represent people of all walks of life and a full range of beliefs and opinions. 

Speech Bubble

Get your views heard. By taking part you’ll be making your opinion on important issues count and ensuring that your views, and the views of people like you, are represented.



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    Place questions on Britain’s first probability-based online and telephone panel.

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