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What's involved?

EnvelopeYour letter

Once you've received a letter from us, you will get a telephone call in the next few weeks and be invited to take part in an interview.  

Smiley ManArranging an interview 

One of our interviewers will call you between Thursday 15th November and Tuesday 18th December 2018 to arrange an interview.  The interview will be by telephone and will last approximately 20 minutes. We understand that you may be busy, so we’ll organise the interview at a time that suits you.

If you’d like to take part in an interview in Welsh, tell the interviewer when they call and an interviewer from Arad Research will call you to arrange an interview at a time that’s suitable for you. 

Speech BubbleThe interview 

Your interviewer will ask you about a range of topics including what you thought about your meetings at the JobCentre and of your work coach, what you think could be improved and what goals you might have agreed during these meetings. 

The interview is not an assessment – we just want to hear what you think about these things. 

You are welcome to have a relative, friend or support worker with you during the interview if it would make you more comfortable. 

Smiley FaceNo need to prepare

There’s no need to prepare for the interview. You don’t need any special knowledge - we just want to hear about your experiences and what you think. Most people agree to be interviewed and enjoy taking part.

Envelope With LockWhat will happen to the information I give?

 NatCen will carefully manage your personal data as part of our public task, which is our lawful basis for processing. All the information you provide will be held in strict confidence and held securely. Only the research team at NatCen will have access to your data.

We will not identify you in any way in any reports or presentations of the research findings. Your personal details will be deleted once the project is completed in December 2021.

We will write a report about the main issues that people have talked about. We will not name anybody in the report and it will not be possible to identify anybody who took part in the interviews. The report will be published on the DWP website.

For statistical and research purposes only, it may be that your responses will be combined centrally with other information held by the Department for Work and Pensions. At no point will the individual who is managing your claim (or, anyone with whom you may have had an appointment at your local job-centre) be able to identify you.