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What is English Mastery?

English Mastery is based on the belief that pupils should have the opportunity to study the knowledge, concepts and stories that have shaped the world. To achieve this, English Mastery provides partner schools with a knowledge rich English curriculum, an integrated assessment model and a structured programme of subject-specific professional development.

Should your school be allocated to the English Mastery Intervention Group, you will receive our comprehensive programme rooted in the latest cognitive and educational research, developed by expert English teachers from across the country. This includes:

Lesson plans and resources

English departments are given access to the English Mastery Library where they can download lesson-by-lesson resources and units of work. The lessons introduce pupils to iconic characters that have shaped the literary canon and tricky grammatical concepts like the apostrophe and the comma splice.

Professional development

Every English Mastery school has the opportunity to attend up to six days of subject-specific professional development that focuses on the curriculum texts, ideas and concepts that teachers will teach to their own pupils.

Weekly co-planning materials

The departmental co-planning guidance marries perfectly with the lessons due to be delivered. The guidance helps teachers plan for mastery and adapt the English Mastery lessons based on the learning needs of the pupils in their own classrooms.

Specialist support

No two schools are the same and that’s why every English Mastery school is assigned a link to provide bespoke support. The English Mastery link visits the school at least three times a year to make sure the programme is implemented effectively and is meeting the needs of the pupils in the school.

A fully integrated assessment model

Teachers receive exemplar pupil scripts at every ability level for each English Mastery assessment. They also get the opportunity to attend our Assessing for Mastery days to compare scripts with other schools, making benchmarking possible.

Get in touch

If you would like further information about the English Mastery programme, please email the English Mastery team on or call on 020 3116 6363.